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Personal Agility: a Framework For Doing More That Matters!

Prabhat Pandey

Recorded session

How Scrum of Scrum is not scaled agile

Bhoomika Diwan

Individuals and servant leadership

Vikram R

Smoother roadmap for Agile Transformation

Lopamudra Misra

Busines Value Model (BVM)

Narayann Swaami

Why Scrum is hard to implement: New Perspectives and remedies from an agile practitioner

Krishnakumar chinnapachari

Velocity driven or Commitment driven planning ?

Jayaram Hegde

Value driven delivery part 1

Davis Thomas K

ScaleUp using Spotify and Nexus

Bhoomika Diwan

Scrum Mastery

Sumana Bhattacharyya

Value driven delivery part 2

Davis ThomasK

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